New Website Launched!

Welcome to our new Optimum Performance & Handling website. We have upgraded our website to include some cool new features for you and we hope to deploy even more in the near future, but for now here’s a list of new or upgraded functioanlity that will make it easier to navigate our site and find what you’re looking for.

  1. We’ve implemented a new design and layout to make it easier to find what you want, including a search fuction and a persistent navigation menu system. When you click on any page you will always have a ‘breadcrumb’ display at the top showing you exactly where you are and linking back up the hierarchy if you need to “go back”
  2. We have changed the structure of our pages and content to better reflect the services and business we are operating
  3. We have focused our new website entirely on our Porsche range of products and services
  4. We are starting up an Optimum Performance and Handling Newsletter, which will enable you to subscribe to all our latest news and features
  5. The new “Quick Search” function will enable a more thorough search through our used cars for sale

These are just some of the new features we are launching on our new website but there will be more down the road as we continue to improve and refine our online presence. Please be patient as we work out any kinks or issues with the new site and if you see anything amiss please do contact us and let us know so we can fix it right away.