Porsche 964 C2/C4 and Turbo Models

Service Kit
964 C2/C4 - Not for Turbo Models (inc. oil/air filter, spark plugs, drain washer)€199.21
Oil Filter - C2/C4€14.21
Oil Filter - for turbo models€13.23
Air Filter - C2/C4€18.81
Air Filter - for turbo models€29.25
Fuel Filter - C2/C4€26.68
Fuel Filter - for turbo models€38.38
Spark Plugs
12 pcs required for C2/C4 models€4.88
6 pcs required for 3.3 Ltr turbo model€18.81
6 pcs required for 3.6 Ltr turbo model€4.88
Wiper Blades
Front Wiper Blade - Bosch, 2pcs required€5.28
Front Wiper Blade - OEM, 2pcs required€18.81
Rear Wiper Blade - OEM€21.45
Standard Exide 096/100 70Ah€96.89
Standard Bosch 096/100 70Ah€100.23
DescriptionPagid PriceTextar/Sebro
Brakes 964 C2/C4 Model
Front pad set€73.83€111.45
Rear pad set (not for C2 92-94 Model)€80.80€111.45
Rear pad set (for C2 90-91 Model)€73.83€111.45
Front Discs (each)€86.93€113.67
Rear Discs (each)€93.61€108.66
Brakes 964 C2/C4 Wide Body (Turbo Look) Models
Front Pad Set€104.48€138.61
Rear Pad Set €73.83€111.45
Front Left Disc N/A€247.41
Front Right Disc N/A€247.41
Rear L/R Disc for C4 Turbo body€93.61€108.66
Rear L/R Disc for C2 Turbo bodyPOAPOA
Brakes 964 3.3/3.6Ltr Turbo Models
Front Pad Set€125.38€160.48
Rear Pad Set €73.83€111.45
Front Left Disc - 3.3 Ltr ModelN/A€247.41
Front Right Disc - 3.3 Ltr ModelN/A€247.41
Front Left Disc - 3.6 Ltr ModelN/A€210.63
Front Right Disc - 3.6 Ltr ModelN/A€210.63
Rear Left Disc€142.09N/A
Rear Right Disc€142.09N/A
Hand Brake Shoes
Set of 4 - all models€38.45
Alternator/Starter Motors - Exchange
Alternator - all models€282.79
Starter for non Turbo tiptronic models*€292.54
Starter for non Turbo manual models*€313.44
Starter for non Turbo models*POA

Note *old unit surcharge €70.00

Ignition Lead Set, Non Turbo model€543.29
Ignition Lead Set for 3.3 Ltr Turbo ModelN/A
Ignition Lead Set for 3.6 Ltr Turbo Model€324.31
Distributor cap for Non Turbo model - 2pcs required€75.23
Beru Distributor Cap for Turbo model€41.37
Bosch Distributor Cap for Turbo model€70.21
Rotor Arm, 2ps required for Non Turbo model€32.18
Rotor Arm, 1pc required for Turbo model€32.18
Ignition Coil, not for Turbo model, 2 pcs per car€81.91
DME Relay - OEM quality€41.72
DME Relay - replacement quality€25.08
Air Conditioning Condensors
Receiver Dryer for Condensor€40.82
Steering & Suspension
Front Bottom Ball Joint L/R€91.94
Tie Rod L/R - C2/C4 Models€55.72
Tie Rod L/R - Turbo & C2 Turbo body models€50.15
L/R Track Rod Ball Joint€54.33
Front Wheel Bearing€76.06
Rear Wheel Bearing C2/C4 models€108.66
Rear Wheel Bearing Turbo and Turbo Body€101.97
Bilstein Performance Suspension, Front Shock Absorbers - B6 Sport - 964 C2/C4
Front L Shock Absorber€400.23
Front R Shock Absorber€400.23
Rear L/R Shock Absorber, see note (a) below€273.11
Rear L/R Shock Absorber, see note (b) below€267.05
B16 Adjustable Suspension Kit, Includes Shocks & Springs - 964 C2/C4
Suspension Kit, see note (a) below€3,125.20
Suspension Kit, see note (b) below€3,125.20
Front Shock Absorbers - B6 Sport - 964 3.3/3.6 Turbo Models
Front L Shock Absorber€400.23
Front R Shock Absorber€400.23
Rear L/R Shock Absorber€267.05
B16 Adjustable Suspension Kit (inc. shocks & springs) - 964 3.3/3.6 Ltr Turbo models
Suspension Kit

Note (a) = applicable up to chassis numbers 96MS401467 / 96MS410518
Note (b) = applicable from chassis numbers 96MS401468 / 96MS410519

Performance Air filters
K&N Air Filter - 964 Non Turbo model€70.14
K&N Air Filter - 3.3/3.6 Turbo models€66.38
BMC Air Filter - 964 Non Turbo model€86.51
BMC Air Filter - 3.3/3.6 Turbo models€75.99
Dansk Sport Exhausts (C2/C4 Models, not for Turbo model)
S/Steel bypass pipe, replaces rear centre box, supplier with clamp and s/steel clamps€292.54
Tail Pipe 102mm angle cut end€137.08